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As a seed needs sunlight, air, water and food to flourish, the same as with you the alumni students. You have been nurtured and grown out of space to nourish the designation you are placed in. You are a constant reminder of our endeavors and a great token of thankfulness. We encourage you to be part of us, update yourself with the mother Oasis. We are open for you to be part of us in ever changing systems.

Come! Encourage, share and be blessed.



  • Oasis School, Rai Durg Branch

    An excellent purpose built 6 acres campus that boasts of Life Skills development, sports grounds, a splash pool, state-of- the art facilities and a vast collection of resources and books in its Learning Resource Centre.
  • Oasis School, Rai Durg Branch

    School toppers are Hardik Rudra and K. Samyuktha - 97 % Fantastic result of 2018-19: Above 90-14, Above80-25, Above 70- 24, Above 60-23, Below 60-19.