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Tentative Examination Schedule-2019-20 PTM
I UT July 1st July 7th July 22nd Ist PTM
II UT Sep 11th September 16th  
Half Yearly October 28th November 3rd November 10th 2nd PTM
III UT 29th Jan February 3rd Feb 17th 3rd PTM
Annual March 8th March 16th March 24th 4th PTM

Promotion Policy:

At the end of the Academic year every student must achieve the Minimum Level of Competencies (MLC) to seek promotion to the next higher class. Promotion is based on the yearly school annual assessment of whether a student has satisfactorily covered all area of the curriculum and gained the necessary skills to be promoted to the next grade. However, where it is felt that student would benefit from repeating a class the student will be detained in the same class. The parent will be notified and a decision will be communicated to the parent in advance. The pupil will be promoted to the next higher class on the basis of the overall performance which includes Project Work, all the Unit Tests, and Session Ending Examination.



  • Oasis School, Rai Durg Branch

    An excellent purpose built 6 acres campus that boasts of Life Skills development, sports grounds, a splash pool, state-of- the art facilities and a vast collection of resources and books in its Learning Resource Centre.
  • Oasis School, Rai Durg Branch

    School toppers are Hardik Rudra and K. Samyuktha - 97 % Fantastic result of 2018-19: Above 90-14, Above80-25, Above 70- 24, Above 60-23, Below 60-19.